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JUST-FOR-TWO.COM has signed up one of the south’s leading specialists in organising theatre trips, away-days and short breaks.

As well as taking a listing on the JUST-FOR-TWO website, Solent Events & Leisure has also become a marketing partner and is now promoting JUST-FOR-TWO in 2,000 e-mailings a month to their customer database.

“We are delighted that Solent Events & Leisure have come on board so quickly after JUST-FOR-TWO was launched,” said Site Director Brian Seeney.

“But what is even better for us is that they are helping to spread the word about JUST-FOR-TWO by promoting us to their own customer database.

“It means that anyone buying a listing on JUST-FOR-TWO is immediately getting exposure to over lots of potential customers and also to over 150 members who have already joined JUST-FOR-TWO in the first fortnight since our launch.”


Solent Events & Leisure is based in Gosport, Hampshire just like JUST-FOR-TWO and for the past five years has specialised in providing a top quality personal service for trips to theatres, away-days and short breaks by luxury coach.

Lin Wilson, managing director of Solent Events & Leisure said: “We were delighted to be on JUST-FOR-TWO from the very beginning because it gives us exposure to one of our important target markets.

“We also wanted to help the site get established quickly because that is to our mutual benefit so we are bringing JUST-FOR-TWO to the attention of our own customers through our newsletter mailings.

“It is very early days but we are confident that JUST-FOR-TWO will be a benefit to our own business and a worthwhile part of our marketing spend for 2010.”



A brand new website WWW.JUST-FOR-TWO.COM for couples looking for “fun things for two to do!” has been launched.

And within days of WWW.JUST-FOR-TWO.COM going live online, the site had signed up its first two holiday entries - a gite in Brittany and a modern apartment in Austria - and was joined by Hampshire based Solent Events & Leisure, who offer hosted theatre trips, away-days and short breaks by luxury coach in the UK and Europe.

With nearly 150 couples on the membership email database already, site owner Brian Seeney said: “As soon as our site was up and running we were getting interest and I am delighted with the response the site has received.

“I realise we have a long way to go to get the site full of things of interest to couples and we also have to build up a sizeable membership that will make the site appealing to those who have activities or attractions aimed at couples and persuade them to sign up.


“But I am confident that in the coming months we will be able to build JUST-FOR-TWO.COM and turn it into a great website that couples will love to look at and promoters and advertisers will want to be seen on.”

JUST-FOR-TWO.COM was a year in the making and grew out of “my frustration at not being able to easily find a gite in France for a spring break” explains Brian Seeney.

“I found myself ploughing through page after page of gites and every one of them was suitable for a couple because every one of them could accommodate two people!

“But there were very few that were just for two and I found the experience intensely irritating.

“Through my research I found nothing that catered solely for couples and decided there was gap in the market that needed to be filled. But I didn’t want to launch a website that just offered cottages and gites and decided that a site that offered lots of different things for couples to do was the way forward.

“We have built the site and made it live and working so that those looking to market leisure activities and attractions and holiday accommodation could actually see what we were doing and see that we were serious about it.

“I would not pay money for a listing merely on the promise of a website being launched but with JUST-FOR-TWO.COM people can see that that we are actually in business from day one.


“Obviously it is early days. We have only a few things to offer and a limited membership at the moment and our site is perhaps not as attractive to visitors and advertisers than it would be if it was packed out with things to do, places to go, places to eat, places to stay or activities to enjoy.

“But within hours we were getting great reactions from couples who were introduced to our site and we got our first bookings in the Holiday & Travel section and in the Entertainment section within a couple of days of launch.

“Now we are hoping that many more will join us, that out membership levels will gradually increase and that in a few months everyone will feel that JUST-FOR-TWO.COM is the place to be and the site to see.”